Iceland Multi Academy Center





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Iceland Multi Academy is registered in 2068 BS with CTEVT. It is located at Charikot, Dolakha. It provides TSLC in Civil Engineering (Civil Sub- Overseer) and TSLC in Survey Engineering (AMIN) with affiliation from CTEVT.


  • To Produce of Skilled manpower in the sector of Basic Amin and Civil.
  • To support in Construction Policy campaign of the State.
  • To produce skilled manpower for construction of electricity, Road, Water, Bridges, Water Control, Urban Development etc.
  • To provide skilled manpower for Metropolitan Municipality, Municipality, Rural Municipality, DCC, Road Department.
  • To provide assistance for the creation of self-employment to Dalit, Janajati, Indigenous, Madhesi and other category.
  • To produce skilled manpower with the use of latest technology in the sector of Survey Engineering.