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Damodar Academy

Jaleswor, Mahottari


Damodar Academy provides the best for every child within a caring environment with commitment and support from fully trained professional staff. Every child is guided and encouraged to develop their full potential in all areas of learning. Damodar recognizes that everyone has an important part to play in children's development and that all contributions no matter how big or small are valued. They speak to work in close partnership with parents and other professionals.

They provide the students with value-based education, opportunities to grow in every sphere of life both in academics and in their personality development. In the field of co-curricular activities, games, and sports our students are paving their way towards great heights.

Salient Features


Sports can bring positive results to one's physical health. The School conducts sports like Volleyball, Cricket, and Badminton.


Music, Art & Dance Class

The school provides Dance, Music & Art classes for all the students.

Literacy Event (Quize, Debate and Spell Bee)

Montessori devised special techniques which aid in the development of the child’s entire being.