Daffodil Boarding School

Kapan, Bekh-3, Budhanilakantha, Kathmandu



Daffodil Boarding School is located in Kapan, Bekh-3, Kathmandu, Nepal. The school  is ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:2004 certified. Daffodil provides a comprehensive academic learning environment for the students accompanied by the co-curricular activities.

The school has a qualified and dedicate team to enhance the teaching-learning experience of the students with a systematic and organized approach.


"Together we go from strength from strength."



  1. At Daffodil, each child is considered a whole person with the capacity for developing the skills and attitudes necessary to make use of the opportunities that the markets of the future will provide them.
  2. We value everyone associated with our school, irrespective of age, race, gender, family background or ability.
  3. We strive to provide an unmatched education to all our pupils.
  4. In our safe and nurturing environment, we endeavor to motivate, support and inspire every child’s personal, emotional and educational growth.
  5. Through our system, we are confident that they will acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills and a comprehensive understanding of the world.
  6. Ultimately, we aim to cultivate habits of virtue, discipline and self-efficiency in the students and to nurture the students to become the finest humans.


Salient Features

The prominent features of Daffodil school are as follows:


  • Well equipped classrooms



  • Conference hall


  • Advanced Computer labs


  • Well facilitated library
  • Sports programs
  • Good transportation
  • Dining halls

Admission Guidelines

Students are admitted on the merit basis.

  • private Institution
  • 01-4810723, 9841295969