What are grants/support/scholarships provided by University Grant commission Nepal?

2014-04-05 - 2014-04-05

If you know want to know about what are the support, grants or scholarships University grant commission of Nepal, provides to colleges, Universities or faculties (Professors/Lecturers) or even students. We have brought the main highlights of UGC program that are developed to support campus, faculties and students.

Every year UGC announces application for the following grants/supports and scholarships. For the academic year 2070 the application/proposal has already open and the deadline for some program ends on Poush 30.

Programs for which college/candidates has to apply within 2070 Poush 30

1.       Regular Grants

2.       Physical Facility Development

3.       Library Strengthening and Equipment Grants

a.       Grants for Purchasing Books

b.      Grants for Purchasing Furniture

c.       Grants for Purchasing Equipments

4.       Ph.D. Fellowship

5.       M.Phil. Fellowship

6.       M. Phil. Thesis Preparation Support

7.       Refresher Course/Capacity Development Program/ Research Methodology Training

8.       Mini-Research

9.       Visit by Professor in Higher Education Institutions

Grants/Support for which candidates can apply anytime throughout the year

1.       Thesis Support for Persons with Disabilities

2.       Partial Support for the PhD fellow

3.       Visit to Institutions of SAARC Countries for Special Study/ Research

4.       Travel Grants for Participation in Seminars/ Conferences

5.       Seminar/ Workshop/ Conference

For more details about these programs and view the notice publish by UGC Nepal, download the PDF below.