Scholarships to Study BDS (Dental Science) in Nepal 2024

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The government of Nepal, Medical Education Commission, has fixed 545 seats for the BDS program for this academic year. Thirteen dental colleges offer BDS programs in Nepal with affiliation from two universities; Kathmandu University and Tribhuvan University. One health science academy, BPKIHS, also offers Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS) program. 

In 2023, the government allocated 109 scholarships seats for students who wish to study BDS in Nepal. 

Available dental scholarship seats are divided into the general scholarship (55%; 60 seats) and the reservation scholarship (45%; 49 seats). In both categories, the candidates are selected purely based on merit within this cluster. 

For example, for the general scholarship, the highest-scoring students in the MECEE-BL for the BDS exam are chosen irrespective of gender, religion, and ethnicity. For reservation, the competition will be only among the eligible clusters of students in each sub-category. For example, seven students who are Adibasi Janajati will be selected to study BDS based on the merit list. 

Get more information about BDS programs and medical colleges offering BDS programs in Nepal from the link given below:

  1. BDS (Tribhuvan University)
  2. BDS (Kathmandu University)

The distribution of scholarships is as follows: 

Total BDS Scholarships seats 109
General Scholarship (55% of total scholarship) 60
Reservation Scholarship (45% of total scholarship) 49
Female (28%) 13
Dalit Female (3%) 1
Muslim Female (2%) 1
Dalit (9%) 5
Adibasi Janajati (15%) 7
Khas Arya (17%) 8
Madheshi (9%) 5
Madhesi Dalit (3%) 1
Tharu (4%) 2
Muslim (2%) 1
Pichhadiye Ko Kshetra (4%) 3
Apanga (2%) 1
Shahid Pariwar (2%) 1


College Wise BDS Total and Scholarships Seat Distribution 

Institution University/Academy Total Seats

Total Scholarships

BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences BPKIHS 50 38
Chitwan Medical College TU 40 4
College of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital KU 40 8
Gandaki Medical College TU 30 3
Kantipur Dental College KU 50 5
Kathmandu Medical College TU 40 4
KIST Medical College TU 35 4
KU School of Medical Sciences KU 50 5
Maharajgunj Medical Campus TU 25 19
National Medical College TU 15 2
Nepal Medical College TU 40 4
Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital TU 30 3
People's Dental College & Hospital TU 50 5
Universal College of Medical Sciences & Teaching Hospital TU 50 5
    545 109
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