Scholarships for PhD on 'Earthquake-induced landslides in Nepal' at Durham University, UK

2016-05-10 - 2016-05-20

International Scholarships

Scholarships for PhD

Durham University, UK is offering Four Fully Funded scholarship for PhD programme for Nepalese candidates on 'Earthquake-induced landslides in Nepal'.

This project is a part of the Action on Natural Disasters interdisciplinary PhD training programme is being offered at Durham University, UK.

About the Projects:

These projects seek to learn from the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, and build upon ongoing and existing long-term research and collaborations in Nepal. The projects are designed to address pressing questions around landslide risk, use new and innovative approaches, and bring together supervisory teams from multiple disciplines, including Earth science, geography, engineering, psychology, and philosophy at Durham University.

All projects involve an element of fieldwork within Nepal, and time on placements working with local partner organisations to maximise the quality and utility of the research. The projects also seek to benefit directly those at risk from future natural hazards, working at the community level wherever appropriate, and developing outputs that will be applicable in Nepal and beyond.

The projects are designed to bring together ambitious students from a range of backgrounds, who can interact to build a body of research that aims to reduce landslide risk in Nepal, and beyond.

The projects are:

Project 1 – Rapid detection of earthquake-triggered landslides using satellite radar

Project 2 - Impacts of road construction on landsliding in Nepal

Project 3 - Communicating risk to increase resilience to landslide dam bursts

Project 4 - Developing simple rules to minimize co-seismic landslide hazard

Application deadline: 20 May 2016

Find detail information about the PhD scholarships, Project supervisors and project descriptions and Eligibility for application here: