Scholarships for MD/MS, MDS, MD in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Master's in Engineering

2014-04-05 - 2014-04-05

Medical Scholarships

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education has called application for Scholarships to study Post Graduate Level in National or International colleges/Universities. The Scholarships will be given to study following subjects.

  1. MD/MS (Anesthesiology‐4, Radiology 3, Pathology‐2, Obstetrics & Gynecology‐3 , Nuclear Medicine-1, Medical Oncology-1)
  1. MDS : (Oral Surgery-1 Endo dontic-1)
  1. MD in Traditional Chinese Medicine (General Medicine‐1, Acupuncture‐1)
  1. Master's in Engineerinng: (Aeronautics‐2, Geomatics‐2, Renewable Energy‐2, Railway Engineering-1, Biomedical Engineering-2, Engineering Geology-1
Note: Applicants for Masters degree program must be under the 35 years of age. 

Application deadline: 2069 Chaitra 03       

For more information visit the website of Ministry of Education Nepal