Chinese Academy of Sciences Scholarship Program

Open From: April 12, 2023
Until: May 29, 2023
This scholarship/grant is closed.

Tribhuvan University, Office of the Dean, has announced that the Chinese Academy of Health Sciences Scholarship Program is currently taking applications. The deadline for the application submission is May 29, 2023.

Award Scheme Procedure

  • Students should be regular, either in the third or fourth semester at the masters' level, studying at the Central Departments or at Constituent Campuses of TU.
  • Students should be eligible for masters' dissertation of that subject/discipline.
  • Students those already have scholarship from UGC, NAST, Government of Nepal, etc will be NOT be eligible to apply. Only those can apply who received partial support.
  • Students will be asked to submit proposal in the given format (below). Plagiarism will be checked using iThenticate software. Similarity index (successive word count 8, exclude reference and quote) should be below 15%.
  • CAS Fellowship will be awarded to those students whose proposal has been approved by CDRC. This will be the First Stage of Selection.
  • In the second or final stage, student's performance (grade sheet) in the previous semesters (e.g ., for this year first and second semester) of which result has already been published will be taken into consideration. If two or more student's cumulative SGPA is found to be the same, then the previous degree's percentage/grade (successively B.Sc ., Plus Two) will be considered. Therefore, students are asked to submit Grade Sheet of his/her previous semesters and Transcript of B.Sc. to the department.
  • CDRC of Central Departments will recommend one name for the CAS Scholarship. HoD of CDs will send letter to loST, TU with the name of the selected candidate and his/her proposal, plagiarism report, grade sheets, transcript, etc.

Format of the Proposal

  • Title page (Student's and Supervisor's name / affiliation)
  • Introduction / Background
  • Literature Review / Research Gap /
  • Conceptual Framework
  • Research Questions / Hypothesis
  • Objectives (General & Specific)
  • Methodology
  • Limitations / Delimitation
  • Expected Outcome
  • Timeline
  • References (as per PhD Thesis of loST, TU Format)

For more details visit the website HERE.

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