Call for Application for Erasmus Mundus Experts III Scholarships

2014-04-05 - 2014-04-05

Call for Application for Erasmus Mundus Experts III Scholarships

The scholarship

The EXPERTS III scholarship offers a unique opportunity for full-financed mobility for individuals from the partner countries. EXPERTS is part of the large-scale, EU-funded programme- Erasmus Mundus Action 2.

Before you apply, carefully study the menu items to the left to identify 

1.     Which Target Group you are eligible to apply to.

2.     Which Mobility Type you are eligible to apply to.

3.     Your desired Academic Field for study or academic/administrative activity during the mobility

4.     Your desired Destination (Host University) of the mobility.

and to find out more about the scholarships available and their conditions.


There are no mobility flows for student and academic staff between institutions in SSEA countries of the partnership. Mobility is only from SSEA countries to Europe.

For more general information on Erasmus Mundus Action 2 programmes, please refer to the official Erasmus Mundus Action 2 website - click Here

Special emphasis in the EXPERTS III project is given to research and cooperation and to the development of collaborative research initiatives and business opportunities through joint research initiatives.  

Most of the EXPERTS III partner universities in EU are comprehensive universities or specialized technical institutions, and the partnership aims to cover all thematic fields though the following list of academic fields has been prioritized in EXPERTS III

Academic fields of study within the EXPERTS III project:

Main areas of study:

  1. Agricultural sciences
  2. Architecture, urban and regional planning 
  3. Business studies and management sciences 
  4. Education and teacher training 
  5. Engineering, technology 
  6. Geography, Geology 
  7. Law 
  8. Medical Sciences 
  9. Natural Sciences 
  10. Social Sciences


However, students from other fields can still apply for a scholarship. In case of equally ranked applications, priority will be given to the student majoring in a prioritzed field of study.
Other areas of study:

  1. Physical education and Sport Science 
  2. Leisure Studies 
  3. Home Economics and Nutrition 
  4. Nautical Science and Navigation

At PhD and postdoc level priority will be given to the joint development of innovative and high quality research proposals relevant to the region.

To be eligible to apply, SSEAN undergraduate, Master students and Doctorate and Post-Doctorate Candidates must:

  • be a national of one of the following countries; Bangladesh - Bhutan – China – India – Indonesia – Nepal – Pakistan - Sri Lanka – the Philippines - Thailand
  • have not resided nor have carried out your main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of the European countries. Please note that this rule does not apply to TG3 Candidates.
  • have a sufficient knowledge of the language of courses or of one of the languages currently spoken in the hosting country.

To be eligible to apply, SSEAN Administrative and Academic Staff Candidates must: 

  • be a national of one of the following countries; Bangladesh - Bhutan – China – India – Indonesia – Nepal – Pakistan - Sri Lanka – the Philippines - Thailand
  • For TG1 Staff Applicants - Staff must work in or be associated to one of the third-country HEIs participating in the EXPERTS III Partnership.
  •  For TG2 Staff Applicants - Staff must work in or be associated to a HEI (not from the EXPERTS III Partnerhsip) from the region concerned by EXPERTS III as inidcated above.


  1. No student, and no academic staff member can benefit from the second scholarship for the same type of mobility from another EMA2 Strand 1 project and cannot benefit from more that one mobility activity within the same project.
  2. There are no mobility flows for student and academic staff between institutions in SSEA countries of the partnership. Mobility is only from SSEA countries to Europe.

Target Group 1

Undergraduate, master and doctorate students, post-doctorates, and academic and administrative staff that contribute to the overall topics of the EXPERTS III project in research and cooperation from the partner universities that are participating from SSEA region. The candidate must be registered at the home university at the time of application and in case of undergraduate students- they must have successfully completed at least one year of studies in their home institution.

Targeted mobilities→ undergraduate, master, doctorate, post-doctorate and staff(academic & administrative)

Target Group 2

Master, doctorate students, post-doctorates and Staff registered at non partner universities from SSEA region concerned and graduates from the partner universities in the region, oriented to the topic of the EXPERTS project in research and cooperation. 

Targeted mobilities → master, doctorate, post-doctorate and Staff

Target Group 3

Master and doctoral students belonging to minority groups that provide proposals that increase cooperation and research through innovation in their regions will be sought in this category. 

Some of the examples may include-

  • Candidates having a refugee status or asylum beneficiaries (international or according to the national legislation of one of the European recipient countries);
  • Candidates, who have been an object of unjustified expulsion from university on racial, ethnic, religious, political, gender or sexual inclination;
  • Candidates, who belong to an indigenous population targeted by a specific national policy or IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons).

Targeted mobilities→ master, doctorate and post doctorate

The EXPERTS III projects offers following scholarships:

  1. Undergraduate: exchange 6 or 10 months
  2. Master: depending on the Target Group - 6, 10 or 24 months
  3. Doctorate: depending on the Target Group - 6, 10 or 36 months
  4. Post-Doctorate: 6 or 10 months
  5. Staff: 1 month

Following is the inidication on the duration of the scholarships offered according to the Target Groups:


Target Group 1             

Target Group 2

Target Group 3


6 or 10 months




6 or 10 months

6, 10 or 24 months

10 or 24 months


6, 10 or 36 months

6, 10 or 36 months

36 months

Post Doctorate

6 or 10 months

6 or 10 months



1 month

1 month



How to Apply: An Online Application


In order to apply, please complete the EXPERTS III Online Application Form within the call for applications. You can access the Application Form by clicking HERE.

You can save the uploaded information and return to the application form on another occasion within the application deadline to further complete it.

List of Documents required:

  • Copy of passport or other official identification proof
  • Proof of the language of instruction proficiency
  • Copy of the most recent academic records-transcripts (current students)
  • Copies of the Higher Education certificates or Diplomas obtained prior to the current study (current and former students and Staff)
  • Sample of a publication (where relevant)
  • At least 2 recommendation letters
  • Motivation Letter for each Host University indicated
  • Learning Agreement - obligatory for Exchange Undergraduate and Master Candidates
    Form can be uploaded HERE
  • Research Proposal (Doctorate and Post Doctorate Candidates only)
  • CV (EUROPASS Format)
  • For TG3 – proof of vulnerable situation


  • Full degree Candidates should refer to the Host Universities‘websites for details on the programmes and application deadlines. Please make sure to apply for EXPERTS III and the degree programme separately and you respect the EXPERTS III application deadline and separately the Host University specific programme application deadline.
  • TG3 Candidates are required to provide the proof of the vulnerable situation in the application form. 
  • Doctorate, Post-Doctorate and Staff Candidates are encouraged to establish a communication with respected Host University department, an academic or a research group prior to the application. Letter of Invitation, if obtained, should be attached to the application form.
  • Difficult economic situation – Candidates in difficult economic situation are encouraged to inform the Consortium on the situation in the online application, in the motivation letter. A proof of the difficult economic situation may be required.
Recommendation letter is a written reference designed to offer information about your character and study/work ethic. The letter should consist of: an information explaining how the referee knows you and the nature of your relationship with them; an honest evaluation of your skills and accomplishments with examples, where relevant; and a statement explaining why the referee would recommend you.
Motivation letter is a supporting statement to your application and the choices you indicated in the application. It should give a clear idea on what you are applying for and how you found out about that opportunity. In order to support your candidacy, you should indicate the relevance of your skills, achievements and qualifications to the scholarship you apply for and indicate how you think the Host Institution you choose would represent the perfect match to your academic and other aspirations and qualifications and should point out why you want it. You should outline your interest for the skills you are going to learn if you get the scholarship and how it will fulfill your ambition.
 Find more informations here: