Building Stronger Universities in Developing Countries Scholarships programme

2014-04-05 - 2014-04-05

The aim of the BSU Scholarship Programme is to provide talented students holding a Bachelor degree from one of the 11 BSU south partner universities in Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Nepal with the opportunity to obtain a master's degree from a Danish university, and to obtain knowledge of Danish society, culture, values and allow the students to form personal and professional relationships with Danish students.

It is the intention that the students shall return to their home university after having obtained their degree and thereby contribute to strengthening the capacity for research and education at the south university, contributing to the objectives of the BSU initiative.

Danida funds the new BSU Scholarship Programme and during the two years pilot phase, a total of 30 scholarships for a two-years master's degree will be offered.

Scholarships are offered for selected English-languaged Master studies at universities in Denmark.

For students from PSDR south partner universities - Maseno University, Kenya; Tribhuvan University, Nepal; and, Gulu University, Uganda - there is a total of eight scholarships available, where one scholarship is co-financed by Aarhus University. The scholarships will be awarded to the most qualified students and there is no pre-allocation of scholarships to the three universities.

The scholarships offered for candidates from the three PSDR south partner universities have been selected in cooperation between the three universities and our Danish partners under the Building Stronger Universities programme.

The following selected English-languaged Master studies are offered for students or staff at the three PSDR south partner universities:

The applicants must apply directly to the Danish university, indicating claerly in the application that he/she is applying for a BSU Scholarship. Choose the education from the list above and follow the links to comply with the application procedures.

The applications will be assessed and checked if the applicants meet the admission requirements at each individual university. The most qualified applicant will be offered a two-years scholarship, which will cover tuition fee, travel costs, accommodation and allowances (DKK 5,600 per month) during the two years study period.

When applying for a BSU Scholarship the applicant is required to fill in and submit a DFC Fact Sheet. The Fact Sheet must be submitted to the Danish university together with the application, as well as to the BSU/PSDR Coordinator at the local university with cc to the Platform Coordinator.

Study start will be 1 September 2013, but the BSU Scholarship Programme also includes a mandetory two to three weeks introductory programme, which will take place in August 2013. The introductory programme will prepare the students professionally, culturally and socially for student life in Denmark.