Applications open: Scholarships for PhD at TU Institute of Engineering

2015-10-12 - 2015-11-09

National Scholarships

Scholarships for PhD

PhD Scholarships in Research Area of Renewable Energy Design and Sustainable Social Development

1.Program Detail

The Institute of Engineering (IOE) is offering altogether 10 PhD-scholarships for the qualified candidates enrolled for PhD Program starting on 2072/073 academic session in the area of renewable energy and sustainable social development for a period of 3 years.

The announced positions are related to a collaborative project between IOE and NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) which is running from 2015-2019 and financed by the Energy and Petroleum Programme in NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation)

The scholarships are in the field of planning and design of clean energy solutions, sustainability enhancement modeling on social and infrastructure investments and good governance adapted to national, regional and local stakeholder requirements.

The scholarships will give promising graduate students the opportunity for professional development in the form of a doctorate. The candidate will also have research exposure of NTNU through direct interaction of NTNU faculty members on course level lectures and field level interaction as well as co-mentorship during their dissertation research stage.

Applicants for this position must have a relevant Master's degree either in engineering, or in architecture.

2.Evaluation for eligibility

Each application will have to go through two-level of evaluation processes for the scholarship consideration. The first level evaluation is for eligibility check of PhD research proposal of the candidate, which will require

The second level evaluation is considered as per the applicant category for scholarship as detailed below on scholarship allocation scheme.

3.Scholarship Allocation Scheme

There are three types of categories that any applicant can compete for the scholarship award. All the qualified applicants seeking this scholarship should fill in the Scholarship Application Form.

Allocation Scheme


IOE Faculty Members


Regular Nominee


NTNU Alumni




IOE Faculty Members: Any candidate who has been working with permanent teaching position at any constituent campus under IOE (Central Campus Pulchowk, Thapathali Campus, Western Region Campus, Pokhara and Eastern Region Campus, Dharan). IOE Faculty Declaration Form is required to be filled in. Selection among the qualifying applicants under IOE Faculty members category will be processed as per IOE general rule set by scholarship and career development guidelines through IOE Dean Office.

Regular Nominee: All of the regular applicants fall onto this category. Selection criteria for these category applicants are based upon the following schemes:



Proposal Grading from DRC


Masters Degree Grade(/Percentage)








NTNU Alumni: Any candidate who has done the previous degree from NTNU is considered as NTNU alumni. First round of applicant selection will be done on similar scheme as for the Regular Nominee category. Double numbers of candidates are selected on the first round of selection and final selection of qualifying applicants under NTNU alumni category will be done from the committee of NTNU Faculty Members and NTNU Project Coordinator.

Application Deadline: 9th November 2015