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SEE Model Questions 2079

February 23, 2023
Last updated March 14, 2023
KMC Lalitpur

Secondary Education Examination (SEE) is a national-level examination taken by students at the end of their 10th grade to complete their secondary education. SEE previously known as the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) changed the name and format of the examination by the government of Nepal in 2016 AD.

SEE is designed to assess student's knowledge and abilities in a variety of topics, including Math, science, social studies, English, Nepali, etc. A student's comprehension, critical thinking, and application of subjects covered in the secondary education curriculum will be evaluated by the exam. The outcomes of SEE are crucial in deciding a student's future academic and professional pathways, as well as their eligibility for entrance to postsecondary education. Below are the model questions of SEE previously taken by the government of Nepal.


Compulsory English Past Question 2078.docx

Compulsory Nepali Past Question 2078.pdf

Compulsory Mathematics Past Question 2078.pdf

Science Past Question 2078.pdf

Social Studies Past Question 2078.pdf

Health, Population, and Education Past Question 2078.pdf

Account Past Question 2078.pdf

Electronic Devices and Circuit Past Question 2078.pdf

Electronic Devices and Circuit Past Question 2078.pdf

Crop Production Past Question 2078.pdf

Water Resources Engineering Past Question 2078.pdf

Small Ruminants-Production-and-Management Past-Question 2078.pdf

Optional Mathematics Past Question 2078.pdf

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