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Padmashree College Students Explore eSewa's Digital Payment World

August 18, 2023
Padmashree College Students Explore eSewa's Digital Payment World

Field excursions form an essential component of a comprehensive education, offering students hands-on involvement and pragmatic insights into real-life situations. In line with this notion, a cohort of enthusiastic students from Padmashree College set off on an educational escapade to explore eSewa Company, a pioneering entity in the realm of digital payment solutions. The primary objective of this excursion was to gain a profound comprehension of eSewa's functioning, closely observe its day-to-day activities, and draw invaluable lessons about the dynamics within the swiftly evolving digital sphere.

eSewa holds a prominent stance in the fintech sector, extending an array of services such as mobile wallets, online bill settlements, digital money transfers, among others. With a mission to revolutionize financial transactions, eSewa has emerged as a frontrunner in facilitating secure and user-friendly digital payments, thereby propelling Nepal's progression towards a cashless society.

Establishing a symbiotic relationship between eSewa and the IT scholars of Padmashree College can yield numerous advantages for both entities. eSewa stands to provide internship openings to IT students from Padmashree College, a venture that furnishes students with pragmatic exposure within a real-world milieu, enabling them to apply their theoretical acumen to tangible projects.

The 6th semester students from Padmashree College received a warm and enthusiastic reception from the eSewa team, who delivered an enlightening synopsis of the company's history, mission, and fundamental principles. The cohort was guided through various divisions, each presenting a distinct perspective on the multifaceted operations of the organization.

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