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Padmashree College BHM Students Industrial Exposure Visit to Pataleban Vineyard Resort

September 04, 2022
KMC Lalitpur

On August 25, 2022, Padmashree College held an Industrial Exposure Visit for the BABHM fourth semester students at Pataleban Vineyard Resort.

Observations at the vineyard and winery were part of the field trip. The students had the opportunity to tour five wineries and gain knowledge of the wine-making process. From harvest to distillation to bottling, they learned about the entire process. Additionally, they had the chance to learn about wine aging and how it improves the wine's overall quality.

The students thoroughly appreciated the intimate wine tastings, outdoor spaces, and private behind-the-scenes tours of wine cellars that were part of the visit.

The first time a student interacts with a real, functioning industry is often during an industrial visit. After studying the most recent business trends, the students choose their future career or area of interest. However, this is something that both educators and students should take seriously and use as an opportunity to learn and hone their skills.

Not only was the trip utilized for idle entertainment and practical jokes, but it was also used for team building, learning, and a little bit of fun.

These extremely instructive industrial tours and exposures are periodically organized by Padmashree College. The college thinks the visits are practical instructional tools for enhancing learning beyond the classroom.

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