Mannsi Agrawal in United Academy

November 27, 2022
Last updated December 18, 2022
Mannsi Agrawal in United Academy

United Academy (UA) celebrated its 25th welcome program- 2079 after two years’ silence due to COVID-19. Grade 12 students welcomed the freshers wholeheartedly with a blast of their exuberant talents and skills. UA invited a motivational speaker to rejuvenate the students’ energy during all the performances. 

Ms. Manashi Agrawal is a TEDx speaker, distinguished Toastmaster, web series host and corporate trainer who stepped onto the stage of the UA Welcome program 2079 when the program MCs announced her name. Her presence itself was a proactive vibe of positive energy—the energy that recharges one’s deeper recesses of heart and mind. The whole crowd then anticipated a great motivational presentation from Ms. Agrawal. 

She congratulated the UA on its Silver Jubilee Anniversary Year- 2022. As always, it did not take long for her to draw the attention of the whole crowd toward her. Every word she spoke was strong and captivating. Not only the students but all the staff were highly encouraged by her speech. “You are the sum total of all the choices you make”, she remembered what her school principal had once told her and shared it with the crowd. 

Ms. Agrawal demonstrated how a note never loses its value no matter how many times you scrunch it. Likewise, in our lives, the only way we can make people interested in associating with us is by increasing our value and the number one way to increase our value is by focusing on learning. She made herself clear by saying that learning from books is never enough.

One should learn from everything around them. Learn to cook, learn to drive, learn how to make friends, and learn from everything and everyone just so that you can increase your value every time. Having an extra skill set is very important to grow. The world always tells us what we cannot do. They will try to impose limitations on us. One should stop listening to the world because we know about ourselves better than anyone else. Only we know what we’re capable of. Another thing that helps us find our value is the environment around us and the people we surround ourselves with. 

The active participation of the students was showing how impactful Ms. Agrawal’s speech was. It was indeed needed for the students to help push them a little towards positivity and an optimistic future. We will always be thankful to Ms. Agrawal for being a part of UA’s welcome program and sharing her wisdom and knowledge with everyone.

Author: Monika Poudel

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