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English (Optional): Grade 12 Model Questions

February 26, 2022

English (Optional) (Eng. 334)
Model Question for Final Examination Grade XII
F.M.: 75 Time: 3 hours

Group A

Choose and copy the best answer. (11x1=11)

1. What is a dead language?
i. A language no longer used in everyday life.
ii. A language that no one speaks anymore.
iii. A language that is learnt solely for ceremonial purposes.
iv. A language that has been lost to history.

2. The Indo European family includes ................ languages.
i. English, German, Swedish
ii. Latin, French and Modern languages
iii. Hindi, Urdu. Sanskrit
iv. Welsh, Irish, Latin

3. Mother tongue influence can be effectively minimized in the classroom by ..
i. using the mother tongue less often
ii. giving examples from the mother tongue
iii. giving a lot of exposure in the target language
iv. giving inputs from the target language in a simple, graded manner

4. How did Sherlock Holmes solve the case in the story "The Three Students'?
i. It was a lucky guess.
ii. He saw the culprit copying the test.
ii. He knew the culprit was tall and an athlete.
iv. He did not solve the case at all.

5. Why does the mother disagree with Aloo in the story 'Leaving?
i. She does not like him.
|ii. She hates America.
iii. She is afraid he will not return home.
iv. She is stubborn.

6. In the final sentence of ‘Once More to the Lake', the narrator feels .......
i. like dancing.
ii. the chill of death.
ii. a storm approaching
iv. the clean hair of the waitress.

7. The Fool calls King Lear a for doing what?
i. Searching for the fool
ii. giving away his lands.
iii. Hitting Oswald.
iv. Leaving his palace.

8. During Spring, the narrator describes himself as ......
i. magical
ii. mischievous
iii. obstinate
iv. a man with rough fingers
9. What does Larry say he would do to Jeo if they were in the same room in the drama 'All My
i. Forgive him
ii. Hug him
iii. Kill him
iv. Punch him

10. What sarcastic expression does Sue use to refer to the Kellers in the drama ‘All My Sons'?
i. The holy family.
ii. The United Nations.
iii. The band of thieves.
iv. The three little pigs.

11. Who are the subaltern?
i. Any person with hegemonic power.
ii. Any person from elite class.
iii. People relegated to inferior rank or status.
iv. Historians.

Group B

Write short answers to these questions. (8x5=40)

12. Are British English and American English two different languages? How are they different? Explain with examples.

13. Compare between different types of translation.

14. What does the story say about ecology and human life? (Devil Deer)

15. What contrast does White make between the sea and a lake, and why does he make this contrast at the very beginning of the essay? (Once More to the Lake)

16. What arguments does the writers make in favour of lean production? Give their examples too. (How Lean Production Can Change the World)

17. Why, what could she have done being what she is?
Was there another Troy for her to burn?

Explain these lines form the poem “No Second Troy with reference to context.

18. How is gender perspective different from class perspective in the study of literature? Explain.

19. Write a short note on any one of:
a. The character perspective
b. Cultural perspective

Group C

Write long answers to these questions. (3x8=24)

20. What details of Paul's appearance and behavior, as his teachers see him, indicate that he is abnormal? Justify with examples. (Paul's Case)

21. How did Milton use the development of ongoing events to present problems with a mystical resolution in Sonnet 8? Explain.

22. How does Miller present Joe Keller as both a tragic hero and a villain in All My Sons?

Source: Curriculum Development Center 

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