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March 18, 2024

Discover the pathway to ACCA success with Certified College of Accountancy (CCA)! As a distinguished Platinum Approved ACCA learning partner, they are committed to your victory. Experience their state-of-the-art curriculum and premium amenities in New Baneshwor, Thapagaun. Enroll with confidence and thrive with CCA!

What CCA Offers?

Pioneer for 3-Month Sessions

CCA leads the way in revolutionizing learning through its innovative three-month sessions. This condensed schedule empowers students to explore the ACCA curriculum extensively while maintaining exceptional quality and rigor.

ACCA Licensed CBE Center

Being an accredited ACCA Licensed Computer-Based Examination (CBE) center, CCA offers candidates the convenience and flexibility to undertake their exams in a secure and regulated setting, thereby enriching their examination journey.

Dual faculty System

CCA provides students with a dual faculty system, featuring seasoned professionals alongside experienced educators. This distinctive fusion of industry expertise and pedagogical excellence guarantees students receive tailored, comprehensive guidance aligned with the requirements of the ACCA syllabus.

Frequent Digital Mock Tests

In assessing student progress and preparedness, CCA administers frequent digital mock tests. These simulated examinations replicate the genuine ACCA assessment environment, providing students with an opportunity to acclimate to the format and pressures of the actual exam.

Personalized Feedback

CCA prioritizes individualized attention and delivers personalized feedback to every student. This customized approach empowers learners to pinpoint areas for enhancement and hone their skills efficiently.

Well-Structured Library

Possessing a well-equipped and impeccably organized library, CCA grants students entry to an abundance of resources, encompassing textbooks, reference materials, and digital assets, thereby enhancing their learning journey outside the confines of the classroom.

Digital Classroom

Employing cutting-edge technology, CCA establishes a digital classroom environment conducive to student learning and collaboration. These interactive platforms provide immersive online education, facilitate real-time cooperation, and seamlessly integrate multimedia elements, equipping students with the tools for success in the digital era.

Contact CCA Today

As a beacon of excellence in ACCA education, CCA equips students with the necessary tools to excel in today's competitive environment. With its innovative methods, esteemed faculty, and dedication to student achievement, CCA is positioned to mold the next generation of accounting professionals.

Enroll with assurance at CCA and unleash your potential for success in the realm of finance and accountancy. Contact CCA at 9801811222 or 9801811219 to commence your journey or explore further about our offerings.

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