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Aptitude Test Syllabus for B. Arch Entrance Exam of Kathmandu University


May 26, 2023
Last updated May 28, 2023
Aptitude Test Syllabus for B. Arch Entrance Exam of Kathmandu University
KMC Lalitpur

Students who wantto pursue B. Arch degree must prepare themselves for an aptitude test in  order toexamine the ability of studentto enter the course. B. Arch is a 5 year intensive course  wherein commitment, perseverance and passion are indispensable. Unlike other engineering  subjects, architecture is an amalgam of engineering and art, which makes this course unique.  Students should be prepared to engage themselves for full 5 years and should know basics of  architecture before taking an admission. Practice of an aptitude test is worldwide and  Kathmandu University has adopted universally accepted modality of aptitude test.  


Students who appear computer based test (CBT) and pass the entrance examination are eligible  to give aptitude test. Pre-information to the department is must and one who fails to appear in  aptitude test will not be admitted to B. Arch course. However, they can apply for other  engineering subjects.  

Evaluation Criteria:  

Students will be evaluated based on their test performance. Though there won’t be any  marking,the paper will be graded as ‘Pass’or ‘Fail.’Students who pass the aptitude test will be  considered for admission and admission will be CBTmerit based.  


This test will examine the interest and ability of the student to pursue architecture as their full  time course. General knowledge ofart and architecture is required and they should be able to  understand drawings. Students do not require to have profound knowledge in architecture  however, the mild understanding of architecture and drawing is anticipated. The test will have  5 different questions covering 5 topics. The topics for aptitude test are;  

1. Free Hand Sketching: In this part, students will be asked to draw a sketch freely using  pen /pencil and colors. A situation will be given to draw, for example, imagine your  bedroom during childhood, imagine you are standing at Lake Shore and it’s an evening  time. Application ofcolor depends on student’s’ choice, however, such sketch should be  in scale and proportion.  

2. Geometrical Drawing: Students will be given shapes like cone, prism, cube, cylinder or  the combination of such forms and will be asked to prepare top view, bottom view, side  views and sections. Lines should be properly drawn and scale has to be maintained. For  this, students shall study plan (aerial view), elevation (side or front views) of simple  solid objects like cones, prisms, splayed surface holders, cylinders, cubes and  combinations of such solids. They should know the geometric formation of such objects.  

3. 3-Dimensional perception: Students should be able to perceiveand understand 3- Dimensional forms with building elements, volume color and orientation. They should  be able to visualize through constituting objects in memory. For this, student will have  to draw a given picture or form by looking at it. An object or a picture will be kept in front of them which they need to draw appropriately considering color, shape and  orientation.  

4. Architectural Awareness: Possessing sensible knowledge on architecture, students  should be able to write on monuments, describe architectural aesthetics and world  famous architects.They should have general awareness and interest of famous  architectural creations – within the country and outside, places and architects/  designers etc. They may be asked for reason to join the architecture course and their  expectations from this course. The answer to the question should be elaborative which  can be supported with sketches.  

5. Imagination and creativity: In this component,students will have to show their  intelligence through imagination and creativity test. They will be asked to draw a form /  object based on the description provided. For example, students may be asked to draw  a foldable/ convertible bed which can me moved by a single person.  

The above-mentioned 5 units are expected to cover the criteria for aptitude test. A sample  question for an aptitude test has been provided for the reference. 

Sample Questions:  

Kathmandu University  

School of Engineering  

Aptitude Test Model Question for B. Arch Entrant Students  

Time: 2 Hours  

- Each Question carries equal marks (10 Marks)  

- Read Questions carefully before answering.  

- Students should answer all 5 questions and your answer should be based on your understanding  and knowledge on a given topic. You are suggested to support your answers with sketches wherever  necessary.  

a. Imagine you are standing in front of RatoMacchindranath chariot and people are  worshipping the chariot. Draw a freehand sketch of what you see and include the  background.  

b. Draw top and side views of the given object. Also  

show the hidden lines, if any.  

c. Draw the given object in an appropriate scale. 

d. Describe one monument/ building you recently visited. What you liked the most about  that monument/ building and elaborate its built.  

e. Draw a futuristic Chautariwhere people are interacting with each other. 


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