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ACCA - An Honest Professional Perspective on the Study Journey

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June 20, 2023
Last updated April 26, 2024
ACCA - An Honest Professional Perspective on the Study Journey
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The ACCA, a renowned global professional accounting certification, offers excellent opportunities for a successful career in accounting and finance.

Many prospective accountants often ponder over the difficulty of studying for the ACCA and whether it is a worthwhile investment of time and effort. The resounding answer is a definite "yes."

Hence, this article aims to provide a truthful overview of the ACCA profession. It will delve into the obstacles encountered by ACCA students, the advantages of pursuing this qualification, and the promising prospects that await ACCA members.

Why are the ACCA Courses Difficult?

ACCA Recommended Study Hours and Challenging Exams

ACCA examinations are renowned for their rigorous nature and comprehensive coverage of accounting and finance subjects. To successfully obtain the qualification, it is advisable for candidates to devote a substantial amount of time to their studies.

The suggested study hours for each ACCA paper differ based on the intricacy and extent of the subject matter. However, a general rule of thumb suggests allocating around 150 hours of study time per paper.

To excel in these exams, it is crucial to set aside an ample amount of time for studying and preparation. The ACCA's recommended study hours act as a useful guideline to assist students in managing their time effectively and ensuring thorough coverage of the prescribed syllabus.

 ACCA Membership and Qualification 

The significance of the ACCA qualification extends well beyond the duration of the study period. It is highly esteemed worldwide and holds recognition from employers across various industries.

Upon successfully completing the ACCA exams, individuals attain ACCA qualification, which showcases their expertise in accounting and finance. This qualification not only enhances their technical aptitude but also nurtures critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and ethical behavior.

Upon achieving ACCA qualification, individuals have the opportunity to apply for ACCA membership. Becoming an ACCA member grants access to an extensive network of professionals, job prospects, and a globally acknowledged status.

The ACCA qualification amplifies career prospects, boosts earning potential, and furnishes a competitive advantage in the job market. With the appropriate skills and experience, ACCA qualified professionals can pursue diverse career paths, ranging from finance management to consultancy and even entrepreneurship. It opens doors to higher-level positions and greater earning possibilities.

Life After ACCA: Career Prospects and Salary

The post-ACCA journey brims with exhilarating possibilities. Employers worldwide actively seek ACCA members due to their profound comprehension of accounting principles, financial management, and business strategy.

ACCA members can explore a wide array of roles, ranging from public accounting firms to corporate finance departments. They can embark on careers as auditors, financial analysts, management accountants, tax consultants, and even ascend to positions like finance directors or chief financial officers.

The availability of ACCA jobs in Nepal is substantial, with a growing demand for qualified accountants. The salary range for ACCA professionals in Nepal varies depending on factors such as experience, job role, and the organization.

Nonetheless, ACCA-qualified individuals generally enjoy higher salaries compared to their non-qualified counterparts. The demand for skilled ACCA professionals extends beyond specific countries, establishing it as a truly global qualification with abundant opportunities for international mobility.

ACCA Challenges and Support for Students 

Undertaking the ACCA qualification is undeniably a formidable task. ACCA exams are renowned for their difficulty and demand substantial preparation.

The comprehensive syllabus encompasses a wide range of topics, including financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, auditing, and business ethics, among others. However, ACCA endeavors to equip students with abundant resources and support to ensure their success.

ACCA students gain access to study materials, online resources, and guidance from experienced tutors. They can engage in study groups, participate in forums, and attend revision courses to augment their understanding and exam readiness.

Furthermore, ACCA provides a mentoring program, connecting students with seasoned professionals who offer valuable guidance and advice throughout their ACCA journey.

The challenges posed by ACCA can be surmounted with dedication, perseverance, and effective study techniques. It is advisable to devise a study plan, allocate adequate time for each subject, and regularly review and revise the material.

Joining study groups or enrolling in ACCA courses can provide additional support and guidance, aiding in navigating the complexities of the examinable areas.

ACCA Subjects and Courses 

The ACCA qualification comprises multiple papers, each focusing on specific domains within accounting and finance. The syllabus encompasses a wide range of subjects, such as financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, audit and assurance, financial management, and business analysis.

Students progress through various levels, commencing with the Applied Knowledge level and advancing to the Strategic Professional level.

To support their studies, ACCA offers a diverse array of courses, including both online and face-to-face tuition options. These courses are meticulously designed to deliver comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, assist students in grasping intricate concepts, and cultivate effective exam techniques.

Students have the flexibility to choose from a variety of learning providers based on their individual preferences and preferred learning style.

ACCA Eligibility and Worthiness of Pursuing the Qualification 

ACCA students are required to meet certain eligibility criteria to pursue the qualification. To be eligible for the ACCA program, individuals must possess a minimum of three GCSEs (or their equivalent) and two A-levels (or their equivalent) in five distinct subjects, which must include English and Mathematics.

It's important to note that the precise requirements may differ based on the country and the ACCA-approved learning provider. Therefore, it is essential to review the specific eligibility criteria before enrolling in the ACCA program.

Tips to Study ACCA

Preparing for the ACCA exams can present challenges, but with the right approach, you can enhance your chances of success. To study effectively, it is crucial to initiate early, devise a study plan, discover a study method that suits you, comprehend the exam structure, utilize official study materials, practice previous exam papers, maintain a healthy routine, seek a study partner, and never hesitate to seek assistance when needed.

Keep yourself updated with current affairs, attend ACCA events, and actively engage in the ACCA community. By adhering to these guidelines, you can optimize your learning experience, excel in the exams, and confidently pursue your ACCA qualification.


Given the esteemed reputation and worldwide recognition of ACCA membership, many individuals find it highly valuable to pursue this qualification. ACCA provides a well-defined pathway towards becoming a certified accountant, opening up numerous career prospects and opportunities for professional advancement.

ACCA equips individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the ever-evolving field of accounting and finance.

While obtaining ACCA membership may pose certain challenges, the benefits and rewards it offers make it a truly worthwhile pursuit. With dedication, discipline, and the appropriate support, ACCA students can overcome these challenges and emerge as highly competent professionals.

Whether one chooses to explore ACCA jobs in Nepal or seeks international opportunities, the ACCA qualification paves the way for success in the dynamic realm of finance and accounting.

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