Vacancies for internal competition of contract teachers after Tihar: Tribhuvan University



Tribhuvan University today said it will announce the vacancies for internal competition of contract teachers only after Tihar to give them permanent status. 

Earlier in September, talks between the agitating professors and the Tribhuvan University authorities had culminated in a two-point agreement, which included giving permanent status to contract teachers through internal competition and forming a committee to investigate the need for professors in the university.

Govinda Pradhan, Chief of the Executive Council, said they are yet to prepare the procedures regarding vacancy announcement and the number of permanent quotas for contract teachers.

Pradhan said, “Based on the Tribhuvan University Regulations, we will prepare procedures to do the needful.”

Prem Khaniya, general secretary of the Tribhuvan University Teachers’ Association, said, “The Tribhuvan University assembly held before Dashain had decided to announce the vacancy by this Tuesday but nothing has been done yet.”

He said they were waiting for the deadline given by the Tribhuvan University Assembly and if Tribhuvan University fails to take any action, they would hold talks with the officials. 

Pradhan, however, claimed that the assembly had not set any deadline for the vacancy announcement and therefore it is not possible to announce the vacancies before Tihar for want of preparations.

Source: National news agencies