The uncertainty of new curriculum of grade 11 and 12 raises confusion



The result of SEE examination of grade 10 is near but the curriculum for Grade 11 is still uncertain. A few days back, National Curriculum Development Board and the Evaluation Council chaired by Minister of Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel had finalized the draft of National Curriculum Framework but the draft is not still approved by the government due to which educational stakeholders including administrators, teachers, and other concerned bodies are in confusion.

As per the new curriculum prepared by the Council, there are four subjects which are compulsory. According to Mr. Krishna Prasad Kapri, the Executive Director of Curriculum Development Centre, there will be four compulsory subjects, three optional subjects and one subject of two credit, based on information technology. There is uncertainty in compulsory subjects as well. 

Secretary-General of Higher Institutions and Secondary Schools’ Association Nepal (HISSAN), Mr.Lok Bahadur Bhandari said that the management of teachers will not have a big effect in urban areas but, there will be a lot of problem in rural areas. He also said that the confusion arose because the work was done in a hurry.

Governmental bodies in confusion

Curriculum Development Centre (CDC), the governmental body to make curriculum is also confused to prepare the format of the curriculum. Nepali, English, Social Studies and a skill-based subject are compulsory for the students of Grade XI and XII but CDC is still confused about the course of study of the skill-based subject. The executive director of CDC, Mr. Krishna Prasad Kapri says that CDC is in the final phase to complete the curriculum of the skill-based subject.

Curriculum Development Centre will publish the sample textbook for compulsory subjects only

Executive Director of Curriculum Development Centre (CDC), Mr. Krishna Prasad Kapri said CDC will publish the sample textbook only for compulsory subjects. He says CDC is preparing the curriculum of all compulsory subjects. Optional textbooks will not be published by CDC and there is the provision of multi textbooks, which will be directed by the curriculum, Kapri added.

All optional subject courses will not be modified

Similarly all optional subject courses will not be modified for grade 11. Executive Director of Curriculum Development Centre Mr. Krishna Prasad Kapri said about 12 optional subjects popular among many students study will only be modified. “The subjects which have a low number of students will be updated,” he added.

Protests against making mathematics as an optional subject

Central Department of Mathematics and Nepal Mathematical Society, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur protested on the Curriculum Development Centre's decision to make applied mathematics optional in Grade XI and XII which was proposed as a compulsory subject to students of all faculty. President of Nepal Mathematical Society, Prof. Dr. Tanka Nath Dhamala said that this decision is an injustice to the students and will hinder the development of Science and Technology. 

Similarly, Prof. Dr. Kedar Nath Uprety, Head of the Central Department of Mathematics, Tribhuvan University said that mathematics was the foundation and the backbone of science and technology and it is unfortunate to make mathematics optional subject in school level which is a compulsory subject in school level in many countries.

 ~Naya Patrika