UGC to allocate budget for far western varsity



The University Grant Commission (UGC) has stated it would allocate the budget for the Far Western University, Kanchanpur , during this fiscal year.

The UGC stated that budget to all universities are channelised through it. Regarding the protest of the Kanchanpur who blamed the government did not separate budget for the Far Western University during the current, UGC informed that government first provide all funds to the UGC, which is later dispatched to all universities.

Issuing a press release on Saturday, Bhola Nath Pokharel, member secretary of the UGC said the UGC would allocate budget for the Far Western University soon after the government appoints the officials and other staffs to the university.

The Kanchanpur district residents had earlier issued a three day ultimatum to the government demanding with it to provide the budget for the university or face the protest from the irate people.

During the Last fiscal, the UGC allocated Rs. 20 million to the university. But owing to the absence of officials, the allocated budget was freezed, Subash Chandra Dhungel, administrative chief of the UGC informed.

He added that the UGC meeting could not be held until now. Owing to failure to hold meeting, it could not allocate budget to all universities.

Dhungel informed only five members are appointed at the UGC board. Now the UGC is making it request to the government to appoint other members.

It needs at least six members at the board meeting to fulfill the quorum criteria, which may enable the UGC board to take a decision to release the budget to all universities.