UGC published PhD proposal presentation schedule - Management Cluster



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University grant commission Nepal published a notice regarding PhD proposal presentation schedule - Management Cluster. The presentation of PhD topic will be held on Jestha 30. 

The selected Phd Topic of Managements are:

  1. Merger in Nepalese Financial Institution 
  2. Stock Market Development and Economic Growth in Nepal: Macroeconomic and Firm level perspectives
  3. HRM and organizational performance in the commercial banks in Nepal
  4. Effective knowledge management for innovation and performance in hospitality industry in Nepal
  5. Organizational justice and employee work outcomes in service sector of Nepal
  6. Assessing quality management framework for Nepalese Boarding schools.
  7. Impact of taxation on economic growth and poverty
  8. Corporate social reporting in Nepal
  9. Management of decentralization and effectiveness of local governance in Nepal
  10. An empirical examination of service profit chain on Nepalese commercial banks
  11. Marketing and entrepreneur orientation of Nepalese SMEs

To download the notice click the link below

Phd Proposal Presentation Schedule - Management Cluster