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Twenty Applications Solicited for Vice-Chancellor Positions at Two Universities

April 02, 2024
Last updated April 03, 2024
Twenty Applications Solicited for Vice-Chancellor Positions at Two Universities

Ten to ten faculty members have applied for the position of Vice-Chancellor at Mid-West University and Far-West University.

A selection committee has been formed to recommend names for the appointment of Vice-Chancellor at Mid-West University, and the selection committee has accepted the applications within the specified deadline for the appointment to the position of Vice-Chancellor at the university.

Candidates for Position of Vice-Chancellor at Mid-West University

1. Prof. Dr. Kabiprasad Pokhrel
2. Prof. Dr. Keshar Singh Rana
3. Prof. Dr. Dev Bahadur Khadka
4. Prof. Dr. Dhruv Kumar Gautam
5. Prof. Dr. Nanda Bahadur Singh
6. Prof. Dr. Binaya Kumar Mishra
7. Prof. Dr. Bholanath Sharma Ghimire
8. Prof. Dr. Mukund Prakash Kshetri
9. Prof. Dr. Yam Bahadur Karki
10. Prof. Dr. Shobhakhar Kandel

Candidates for Vice-Chancellor at Far-West University

1. Prof. Dr. Akkal Dev Mishra
2. Prof. Dr. Taradatta Bhatt
3. Prof. Dr. Dhruv Kumar Gautam
4. Prof. Dr. Padam Raj Joshi
5. Prof. Dr. Purna Bahadur Chand
6. Prof. Dr. Bhawani Datt Joshi
7. Prof. Dr. Yagyaraj Pathak
8. Prof. Dr. Yagyaraj Bhatta
9. Prof. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Thagurathi
10. Prof. Dr. Hem Raj Panta

The application process was halted for the first time on Falgun 06, due to disputes within the team. Following the resolution of disputes, applications were again sought by Chaitra 13.

The procedure for the selection and recommendation of Vice-Chancellors for both universities, as per the decision of the 9th meeting (3) of the 2080 fiscal year, requires submission of a university-related concept paper and a four-year professional work plan for the university to be submitted to the office of the Secretary of the University Grants Commission within Chaitra 27.

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