Tribhuvan University panel to resolve semester system row



Tribhuvan University has formed a 14-member committee to determine the fate of Semester system in Tribhuvan University Central campus.  Tribhuvan University is planning to  introduce semester system from the new academic session but student unions are protesting against this.
Due to this ongoing protest, Tribhuvan University Central campus has not yet announced new admissions for the faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, Management, Education etc in the Central Campus. 
According to TU’s Rector Gunanidhi Neupane, a committee led by the dean of the Faculty of Education has been set up to settle the dispute by addressing grievances of different  student bodies.

Who are the members of the committee?

1.       Deans of Faculty of Education,

2.       Deans of Management,

3.       Deans of Humanities and Social Sciences

4.       Deans of  Science and Technology

5.       Principal, Tribhuvan University Central Campus

6.       Chief TU’s student welfare division

7.       Representatives from students unions: 2 each from four major student unions 

Why Student unions are protesting against Semester System of Tribhuvan University
According to the leaders of Student unions, they are demanding Tribhuvan University to Scrap its decsion of introducing the semester system because
  1. Tribhuvan University is not fully prepared to implement Semester System
  2. Semester system will not accomodate all the students who want to study, so many students will be discourage to study further
  3. Semester System is costly, so students will not be able to pay higher tuition fees., 
Student unions are protesting against TU's decision of implementing semester system, other demands of student unions are  implementation of a new academic calendar, punishment for irregular professors, physical infrastructure, increment in scholarship quotas and ending political interference in the university.