Tribhuvan Univeristy Exam system reform



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After giving examination of any level, students of Tribhuvan University has to wait for a year or sometimes even more than that. But now we can see some reforms which will put an end to this practice.

Teachers who used to take answer sheet in their homes to check it has to submit within one and half month or shall be ready to face the black list which will not allow them to participate in copy checking process in coming years.

TU OCE also has announced that if any teacher completes copy checking within 20 days then they will receive Rs. 39 per copy, and for the teachers who will check copy within 1 month, they will provide Rs. 29 per copy. And in the same manner teacher who will take one and half month will be given Rs. 20 per copy. It is reported that if this rule is implemented in a proper manner, delaying of results can be checked.  To add to this, if TU OCE can strictly blacklist names of teachers who will delay their work, this will pressurize everyone to be honest and submit papers in time.

Though being oldest and biggest university in the country, TU has never published academic calendar. Even though there was some news about the calendar, it never came into an action. Teachers, students and other administration officer never got a chance to follow which has put everyone in a vain. 

Due to the delayed work in TU, like examination schedule , routine and time, examination result many students has to shift their interest to some other universities which has a perfect academic routine and finishes courses in time.

Lately TU has shown a good sign by publishing BA and BBS 3rd year result within 3 months after examination was finished. But the question is, Will TU follow the same trend for every faculty? If yes, till when? Education sector has always been in the faded side compared to other aspects. In this situation TU has also no given any interest to make it more reliable and consistent. If only TU will be able to maintain academic calendar, there are some chances of revamp the reputation of TU.