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The British College Hosts International Student Exchange Programme 2023

May 17, 2023
The British College Hosts International Student Exchange Programme 2023
KMC Lalitpur

The British College is welcoming students from its partner institute in the Leeds Beckett University, UK, for a Student Exchange Programme, which will be the first of its kind in Nepal.

In collaboration with Leeds Beckett University, the programme will take place from the 15th to 19th May 2023 and will see eight students travel from the UK, along with Dr. Pooneh Bagheri Zadeh, a senior Lecturer in Computer Science (Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity) at Leeds Beckett University to collaborate with eight more students here at TBC on a collection of Internet of Things (IoT) based projects.

The Computing School at TBC was proud to launch its very own IoT Lab last year - which provides both students and faculty with access to tools and resources to facilitate research and access new and exciting developments in the area of digitalisation.

Now, working in groups of four, the students on the Exchange Programme will create their own IoT projects which will be designed to address real-world problems and challenges - giving them the chance to develop their skills whilst networking and gaining valuable global exposure. 

Amardeep Manadal, Head of Marketing at The British College, said of the Programme, “This is the first time that TBC and LBU are collaborating with each other in this way and we are very excited to see the results. We hope that this marks the start of many more such programmes to come and look forward to our own students having the opportunity to travel to the UK next time”.

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