Taskforce formed to troubleshoot problems of Nepal Engineering College



Kathmandu, Nov. 19 (RSS): The Education and Health Committee of the Parliament has formed a taskforce under the convenorship of Committee's Chairperson Jayapuri Gharti to resolve the problems facing Nepal Engineering College, Bhaktapur.

Committee's member Man Kumari KC said that decision to form the taskforce was made as further probe was expected on the issues pertaining to the debate over the ownership of the college. On Monday, the committee discussed with the conflicting sides by inviting them in Singhadurbar. "It's difficult to identify now whether the college is private or community. So, the taskforce was formed to resolve the problems if the college is private or community," she said. 

Executive Chairman of the College Lambodar Neupane and Board of Director Hari Pandey are conflicting over the issue of private or community regarding the ownership of the college. KC shared that the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Ministry has been asked to create environment conducive without giving additional woes to the ongoing students of the college. 

First registered as a private institution in 2051 BS, the college was shifted as the community one. The Bhaktapur district administration office had gone for the process to revoke the college registration following the dispute among the founders of the college, which was registered as a social organization. 

Likewise, Chairperson Gharti has said that the college registered as the community one should not be privatized and added that due decision would be taken after thoroughly studying the documents.