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Surya Narayan Satya Narayan Morwaita Yadav Multiple Campus opened after six months


February 26, 2018
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Lahan, Feb 26 (RSS): Surya Narayan Satya Narayan Morwaita Yadav Multiple Campus of Siraha padlocked for the past six months, has been opened today. 

The campus office was unlocked after a seven-pact deal was signed between All Nepal National Free Students Union and Campus Administration on Sunday, said ANNFSU Chair, Sudan Kusiyait. The campus was padlocked from third week of September, 2017. 

The ANNFSU Chair said that the Campus Administration was ready to address their demands including the cancellation of illegal appointment and fee hike, maintenance of financial transparency and educational reforms in campus within mid-March. 

He said that they would launch stern agitation if their demands were not addressed within the deadline. Teaching learning activities of the Campus had been affected due to the padlocked office. 

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