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Silver Mountain Launches Nepal's First MBA in Hospitality Program

May 25, 2023
Silver Mountain Launches Nepal's First MBA in Hospitality Program
KMC Lalitpur

Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management in Nepal has recently introduced the prestigious MBA in Hospitality program, marking a significant milestone as this is the first time that this program will be taught in Nepal. With its affiliation with the renowned Queen Margaret University in the UK, this program aims to provide students with the necessary expertise and insights needed to excel in today's competitive corporate landscape.

According to the institute's chairman, the program's launch aims to empower Nepalese individuals with the skills to effectively manage various corporations within Nepal. The chairman noted that in the current landscape, top positions in international companies are predominantly held by foreigners, and this program seeks to change that by providing locals with the necessary knowledge and expertise.

MBA in Hospitality at Silver Mountain offers students the unique opportunity to acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management provides work-study opportunities, allowing students to gain hands-on experience while pursuing their studies. This practical exposure enables them to apply theoretical concepts in real-world scenarios. By incorporating this work-study option, the program enhances students' competitiveness in the job market and provides them with a valuable head start in their professional careers.

The MBA in Hospitality program offered by the school encompasses essential subjects including global hospitality, global marketing, accounting, innovation in the hospitality industry, data analytics, decision-making, strategy and leadership, research methods, and a business consulting project. By incorporating these crucial areas of study, the school endeavors to equip students with the knowledge and competencies required to excel and thrive in the dynamic hospitality industry.

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