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Revised Preparation of Class 12 Question Papers at Janak Education Material Center

April 09, 2024
Revised Preparation of Class 12 Question Papers at Janak Education Material Center
KMC Lalitpur

Due to concerns about possible leaks, Class 12 question papers may be prepared again at the Janak Education Material Center. Printing of Class 12 question papers was stopped after COVID-19. Instead, they were emailed to the examination centers for immediate printing and distribution. This practice was discussed after some private schools were sent question papers earlier than others by the National Examination Board's examination branch. Even though the board did not investigate, some employees might have done so. A decision has been made not to prepare question papers at the board from now on but to prepare them at Janak Education instead.

A senior board official has requested not to disclose his name publicly, stating, "Questions prepared at Janak Education will be brought to the board one hour before the day of the exam. They will then be sent to the respective examination centers. This will help maintain the confidentiality of the question papers."

Officials from the board's examination branch will stay in the building where the Janak Education Materials Center's security press is located. They will be isolated from their families. Questions prepared on the computers will be stored on a pen drive and kept a few days before the exam. The pen drive will be sealed and locked in everyone's presence. The seal will be removed at the board, and the pen drive will be cleared on all computers. Questions will then be sent to the examination centers from the pen drive brought to the computer.

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