A Historical Book on Education During Rana Regime Released

September 08, 2021
Last updated September 20, 2021
A Historical Book on Education During Rana Regime Released

Ranakalin Shiksha written by education journalist Prakriti Adhikari, was launched today. On the occasion of International Literacy Day, the book was launched during an event held at the Center for Education and Human Resource Development, Sanothimi. Secretary of Education Ram Prasad Thapaliya, Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Deepak Sharma and Director General of the Center for Education and Human Resource Development Baikuntha Aryal jointly unveiled the book. The book is published by Edusanjal.

This book includes investigative and historical material on the evolution of education throughout 104 years of Rana regime. According to Adhikari, previously concealed topics have been brought to light in this book, disclosing fresh facts regarding Nepal's educational past. The book examines how authoritarian rule introduced formal education in the country, and why and how higher education became available to the general public. Prakriti Adhikari has been engaged in educational journalism for the past 25 years. He is also a history buff. The author has written two books thus far. His first work, SLC ko Itihas, was published in 2074 BS.

"Edusanjal has been providing timely, accurate, and unbiased information on education in Nepal for the past 11 years. With this book, we've begun our publishing journey, with the aim of generating instructional products to encourage research articles and books," said Bidur Acharya, Chief Executive Officer of Edusanjal.

The book has 444 pages. The paperback version costs Rs. 550, while the hardcover version costs Rs. 850. It is also available for purchase through online stores such as thuprai.com and will also be available at major bookstores around the country. The book will soon be made accessible as an e-book and on Amazon, according to the publisher.

You can buy the book here.