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Prof. Dr. Subarna Lal Bajracharya Appointed Vice Chancellor of Lumbini Buddhist University

September 04, 2023
Prof. Dr. Subarna Lal Bajracharya Appointed Vice Chancellor of Lumbini Buddhist University
KMC Lalitpur

Prof. Dr. Subarna Lal Bajracharya, who was recently appointed as the Vice Chancellor of Lumbini Buddhist University, has assumed his new role. Vice-Chancellor Bajracharya officially took charge of the university located in Lumbini last Friday.

Honorable Prime Minister and Chancellor, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, had selected Bajracharya for this important position on August 13, filling a vacancy that had persisted for nearly six months. During the welcoming ceremony, Vice Chancellor Bajracharya expressed his commitment to elevating the university's stature on the global stage.

He stated, "Rather than making grand promises, I believe in demonstrating through actions. I am aware of the challenges, and I am grateful to the Prime Minister for entrusting me with this leadership role. Having supported the development of the Buddhist University in the past, I see this as an opportunity to make a significant impact."

The university's registrar, Dr. Tilakram Acharya, emphasized the importance of collective efforts to achieve international recognition and rankings. He noted that while the physical infrastructure of the university was established in the 70s, the upcoming decade must be dedicated to enhancing its academic standing.

Dr. Acharya stressed the need for all facets of the university to progress harmoniously, comparing it to a chariot that can't move forward if one of its wheels is punctured. Dr. Nareshman Bajracharya, the former Vice Chancellor of the Buddhist University, also advocated for timely appointments to key positions within the institution.

Additionally, Prof. Dr. Gitu Giri, the director of the research center, underscored the significance of research-related endeavors in advancing the university's academic development.

Numerous dignitaries and faculty members attended the event and extended their congratulations and best wishes. Among them were Dr. Manik Ratna Shakya, Dean of the Faculty of Buddhist Studies; Hari Saran Chakhun, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences; Bhikshu Nigrodha, Former Vice President of Lumbini Development Fund; Indra Kafle, Controller of Examinations; Basanta Bidari, Head of the Archeology Department; Mohan Lal Bhandari, Acting Campus Head of City Campus; Gunakhar Gaire, President of the Professors Association; Churamani Pokharel, Head of Administration; and others. The program was organized and conducted by Gajendra Gupta, Head of Academic Administration.

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