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Procedure Issued for Enlisting Students as Trainee Employees (including the procedure)

April 01, 2024

The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has decided to enlist students studying in grade 12 or above as trainee employees. The Education Inspiring (Education Catalyst) Operational Procedure, 2080, has provided such information.

In an effort to facilitate information dissemination, streamline data collection, and integrate national services by inspiring engagement in government administration, the Ministry has prepared this procedure. This initiative aims to involve individuals in educational development through essential research under the government's administrative umbrella, fostering collaboration with universities, institutions, campuses, and schools where students pursue undergraduate or higher studies.

A selection committee led by the Ministry Secretary coordinates the student selection process. This committee includes a Deputy Secretary from the Monitoring Division, a technical member, and a member from the Human Resources and Development Division.

The Ministry invites interested individuals to apply for positions as trainee employees through its website and social media platforms, disseminating relevant information. The duration of the traineeship program is two hours, followed by performance-based time allocation for capacity-building activities.

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