Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai against political haggle in education



Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has remarked that there should not be political appointment in the educational institutions. He expressed his commitment that he would not get involved in the selection of leadership of universities.
Addressing the 60th meeting of the Kathmandu University in Dhulikhel on Tuesday, PM Bhattarai underscored the need to develop some universities capable to compete with the international standard and that should remain away from political interference.
“There must be some institutions which can compete in international arena,” said PM Bhattarai. He added, “Which is why I agreed with your view that there should not be political interference in education institutions.”
The prime minister said it is good idea to give autonomy to the educational institution. But the independence should not be abused, he added. He said the government will assist the universities to maintain their sanctity.
Saying that the Kathmandu University has played an important role in the development of education, PM Bhattarai vowed that the government would provide Rs 100 million to the university every year. The prime minister is also the chancellor of the university.
Likewise, Education Minister Dina Nath Sharma, who is also the vice chancellor of the university, said he will support the idea to provide autonomy to the university.
(Source: Ekantipur)