Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences to Start MBBS Program from This Year

June 05, 2024
Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences to Start MBBS Program from This Year
KMC Lalitpur

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has expressed confidence that the Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences, once operational, will emerge as the country's most robust and reliable institution for medical education.

Speaking at the seventh meeting of the Academy, Prime Minister Dahal announced that with the commencement of MBBS level education from the upcoming fiscal year, the academy's objectives are on track. He emphasized the importance of progressing with an organized schedule to ensure the institution's success.

"The government anticipates that the institution will develop into the nation’s most robust and reliable center for medical education following the launch of postgraduate programs," PM Dahal stated. "With the objective of beginning MBBS level courses next fiscal year achieved, we will advance the institution's work methodically."

Highlighting the exemplary role of the institution in providing quality healthcare and producing skilled doctors, Prime Minister Dahal reaffirmed the government's commitment to the institution's development, expansion, and enhancement. Despite current economic pressures and resource allocation challenges, he assured that the government prioritizes the institution's growth and service expansion.

Prime Minister Dahal expressed his belief that the Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences will set a benchmark as an exemplary educational institution for the entire country. He congratulated all involved parties and the Pokhara community, urging them to fully utilize the opportunities ahead.

He recalled the academy's history of collaborative progress involving all political parties, social organizations, and health sector experts, stressing the need to continue this cooperation to ensure the project's full success.

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