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NMA Launches Postgraduate in Mountain and Mountaineering Science

April 23, 2023
NMA Launches Postgraduate in Mountain and Mountaineering Science
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Nepal Mountain Academy (NMA), which is owned by the government, has launched Master of Science in Mountain and Mountaineering Science (Msc MMS). The inauguration of this new educational initiative was led by Sudan Kirati, the Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation. NMA, which operates under the Ministry, has been offering undergraduate courses in mountaineering at the bachelor's level.

Anil Bhandari, the Coordinator of the program, stated that the introduction of the new curriculum will enable NMA to offer master's degree programs in mountain science. The program's primary objective is to develop proficient human resources in tourism and mountaineering by conducting extensive research and analysis of the high Himalayan region.

According to Tanka Prasad Paudel, the assistant campus head of the academy, this Tribhuvan University-sponsored program is a novel approach for Nepal. Paudel further added that the curriculum will facilitate national and international partnerships and research opportunities in the high Himalayan region.

Numerous subject matter specialists contributed to crafting the curriculum, which spans four semesters. Coordinator Bhandari explained that the first year of the program would focus on theoretical instruction, while the subsequent two semesters would center on fieldwork and project assignments.

During the event, Minister Kirati unveiled the website for an upcoming international conference on mountain climbing and mountain science to be held in Kartik. Since its establishment in 2002, the academy has offered both academic and technical training. Additionally, NMA has been providing a 35-day training course for trekking guides.

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