Newly appointed head of BPKIHS keeps research as top priority



BPKIHS is an autonomous Health Science Unversity of Nepal. It has produced skilled manpower in the Health Science field since its 2 decades long history of service. Every year, research on more than 300 diseases and treatment systems is being done at the institution

The newly-appointed Rector Professor Guru Prasad Khanal at BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, today has reaffirmed the purpose of BPKIHS in the health and research saying the institution  would accord top priority to research work.

Khanal assumed his post today while saying that the institution would manage separate dean to speed up research work..

Khanal has said that it would be ensured  by collaborating with department heads and other officials.

He would also take care that the academics resume its original purpose and function and avoid the distortion thats its facing currently.

He claimed to make all academic programmes and examinations transparent and fair. “I will focus on controlling bad practices prevalent in the institute to make health education effective and produce quality medical doctors,” Khanal added.