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Nepal Celebrates National Education Day 2080 with a Focus on Inclusive and Skill-Based Education

September 19, 2023
Nepal Celebrates National Education Day 2080 with a Focus on Inclusive and Skill-Based Education

The Government of Nepal is commemorating National Education Day 2080. This year's theme, 'inclusive and skill-based education and retention of youths within the country,' underscores the government's commitment to fostering education that not only includes all but also equips the youth with practical skills to contribute to the nation's development.

Main Celebration Committee Led by Minister Ashok Rai

The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology have established a prominent celebration committee, headed by the honorable Minister Ashok Rai, to oversee the day's events. The ministry has organized a series of programs, including the prestigious 'Nepal Bidyabhushan Honour,' bestowed in three categories: 'a,' 'b,' and 'c.' These honors are awarded to exceptional personalities and institutions, as well as dedicated educators and staff.

Recognizing Academic Excellence

This year, 90 individuals who have attained the pinnacle of academic achievement with PhDs will be conferred with the 'a' class honor. Additionally, 71 individuals excelling in the Master's Level will be recognized with the 'b' class honor, while 44 standout performers at the Graduate Level will receive the 'c' class honor. 

Chhatra Bidya Padak: Nurturing Young Talent

To encourage and celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of young learners, the Chhatra Bidya Padak will also be presented during the program. However, the Ministry clarified that due to budget allocation constraints, only prizes will be distributed during this ceremony, with medals to follow later. The Ministry has published the names of the deserving recipients, totaling 177 individuals.

New Awards Introduced

This year's celebration also introduces two new awards, namely 'Nepal Prabidhi Bidhyabhusan' and the 'Social Welfare Education Prize,' aimed at recognizing individuals and organizations contributing to the advancement of science and technology education and social welfare through education.

National Education Day, observed on Asoj 2 every year, serves as a moment of reflection and appreciation for the nation's commitment to education. It is a day that reinforces the government's dedication to shaping a brighter, more inclusive, and skill-driven future for Nepal's youth, ensuring that they not only stay within the country but also actively participate in its progress.

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