​ NEB Grade 11 Results Published



National Examination Board has published the results of Grade 11. 

Grade 11 Results Statistics 

Total Students appearing for the examination: 548,445

Regular:  332,891 

  • Grading System: 176,049
  • Percentage System: 39,505

Exam Cancelled (Total) : 100

Partial Students (According to Percentage System):
  1. Total Students: 39,505
  2. Exam Cancelled: 4
  3. Total Passed Students: 15,333
  4. Pass percentage: 38.81%

Update 4: 10 PM: The meeting of Examination Committee of National Examination Board has begun few minutes ago.

Update 4 PM: Team edusanjal has reached to National Examination Board (NEB) office. The meeting of Examination Committee is going to start soon. This meeting will declare the results of Grade XI. 

Update 11:27 PM: We just got call from National Examination Board (NEB),  result of Grade 11 is publishing after 4 PM Today. 

National Examination Board (NEB) is in final preparation to publish the results of Grade 11.  Students can view their results with Grade Sheet  in NEB.EDUSANJAL.COM.  College/School can download the  result (grade sheet) of all the students after login to NEB.EDUSANJAL.COM

The examination of grade 11 was held on Baishakh 30, 2075 to Jestha 09, 2075. In the previous years, National Examination used to publish the results of Grade 11 in the Mangsir/Poush Month but this time , it is planning to publish the result before the start of Dashain.  Grade 11 results of 2074 BS was published on Poush 29, 2074. 

As per the latest information received by edusanjal.com,  National Examination Board (NEB) is trying to publish the result of Grade XI  today (6th October, Saturday, 2018) by 4 PM, but if it failed to accomplish all the preparation needed to publish the result, result may publish tomorrow.  Few days ago, NEB officials has shared that they will publish result before Ghatasthapana.

Nearly 5 lakh students are waiting for the results of Grade XI.  Result of Grade 11 will be published in Grading System. 

Please view their page for Regular Updates 

Process to view Results of all the students of a School

  1. For login Schools have to click "School Login" Tab in neb.edusanjal.com.
  2. This will ask for user name and password.
  3.  If your school has already got user name and password during Grade 12 result, please use that. 
  4. If you have yet to receive your user name and password, please send us email with official requisition letter in school letter head, we will send the user name and password.