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Nationwide Enrollment Campaign for 2081 Academic Session Kicks Off

April 14, 2024
Nationwide Enrollment Campaign for 2081 Academic Session Kicks Off
KMC Lalitpur

Today, on Baisakh 2, 2081, the nationwide enrollment campaign for the academic session 2081 has been officially launched under the theme "Participation of all children in schools, ensuring the attainment of quality education." The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, in collaboration with the Education and Human Resource Development Center, spearheaded the inauguration, calling upon local bodies and relevant authorities to ensure its success.

In a virtual gathering attended by Education Minister Ms. Sumana Shrestha, the Center emphasized the crucial involvement of education and unit heads, municipal associations, and rural municipality associations. Minister Shrestha underscored the government's commitment to upholding the constitutional right to education and appealed for collective cooperation. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the fundamental right of every child to education.

To streamline the enrollment campaign, the Center has devised an implementation plan dispatched to authorities across all administrative tiers. Director General Deepak Sharma announced the distribution of textbooks to enrolled students and the official inauguration of the enrollment campaign.

The campaign encompasses a series of initiatives, including home-based programs featuring Baisakh 5 banners, informational sessions, and invitations to guardians of unenrolled children on Baisakh 7. FM radio broadcasts from Baisakh 2 to 21 will disseminate campaign messages.

Enrolled students are slated to receive uniforms and scholarships on the same day until Baisakh 10. From Baisakh 15 to 20, student details collected by the Education Development and Coordination Unit will be compiled and forwarded to the Ministry.

Private investment schools have proactively initiated the enrollment process, commencing in the first week of Baisakh. According to the Center's 'Flash Report, 2079,' primary level enrollment has surged to an impressive 94.9 percent, showcasing a promising start to the campaign.

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