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National Examination Board Ensures Seamless Conduct of SEE

March 27, 2024
National Examination Board Ensures Seamless Conduct of SEE
KMC Lalitpur

With the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) set to commence from tomorrow, the National Examination Board has confirmed the completion of all necessary preparations for the nationwide examination, scheduled to run from Chaitra 15 to 27 (SEE Schedule 2080).

Prof. Dr. Mahashram Sharma, Chairperson of the Board, expressed satisfaction in the comprehensive arrangements made to ensure the seamless execution of the upcoming examination. He emphasized that question papers and answer sheets have been dispatched to districts across the country, ensuring readiness at every level. Additionally, Sharma extended an earnest appeal for peaceful participation from everyone involved.

"As the SEE examination, which simultaneously unfolds across the nation, approaches, preparations have been diligently finalized. I urge all examinees to approach the exam halls with confidence and without trepidation," Sharma affirmed. "Furthermore, I implore students, educators, guardians, and the wider community to cultivate an atmosphere of tranquility, decorum, and fearlessness throughout the examination period," he added. The examination is slated to commence each day from 8 AM to 11 AM starting from Chaitra 15 until the 27th.

Commencing with the English subject, the examination is poised to be conducted in a structured, equitable, and conducive environment, ensuring fairness and peace, as assured by the Examination Controller of SEE, Nanda Lal Poudel. The mobilization of resources from both communities and institutions has been assured to facilitate the participation of 554,414 Grade 10 students in the examination, including 15,772 from linguistic and sexual minority groups.

Notably, the necessary question papers and materials have been dispatched to districts across the nation, with a total of five lakh question papers printed for this year's examination. Moreover, security measures have been heightened, with question papers delivered to examination centers under police escort in advance.

The examination this year aligns with the 'Late Grading Guidelines 2078,' albeit the guidelines' practical implementation remains pending. As per these guidelines, students are expected to secure a minimum of 35 percent in both theoretical and practical aspects to pass the SEE. However, those falling short of the criteria will be given the opportunity to reappear for the examination, as elucidated by Examination Controller Poudel.

Students will have the chance to reattempt the examination up to three times if they fail to meet the minimum requirements. Furthermore, provisions have been made for students failing in one subject to sit for a two-subject examination in the first year.

With meticulous planning and concerted efforts, the National Examination Board stands poised to host a successful SEE examination, ensuring equal opportunities and a conducive environment for all examinees.

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