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National Children’s Day Being Observed Today


September 15, 2023
National Children’s Day Being Observed Today

The 59th National Children's Day is being observed across the country today. National Children's Day is marked by organizing several programs on the theme 'Investing in our future means investing in our children.'

The United Nations General Assembly endorsed the Covenant on Children's Rights on 20 November 1989. Nepal passed the convention on 14 September 1990. The day then has been marked as the Children's Day.

The Nepal Constitution has guaranteed the overall development of children by defining children's rights as fundamental rights. The Constitution has also included arrangements related to child protection, preservation, development, and participation. Per the commitment made in the UN Child Rights Convention, 1989, and other international instruments, the Nepal government has formulated and implemented its laws and policies accordingly.

Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizen and National Child Rights Council Chairperson Surendra Raj Acharya expressed his ministry's commitment to implementing the constitutionally guaranteed child rights. He also highlighted the coordinated roles of the federal, provincial, and local governments in protecting and promoting children's rights.

A challenge has emerged to effectively protect and promote child rights in view of the changing technology, urbanization, worldwide values, and circumstances.

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