Nabil SSE Fellowship Program Second Cohort 2022

August 04, 2022

After the successful accomplishment of the first cohort of the Nabil SSE Fellowship Program 2022, NABIL SSE has come up with the second cohort of the fellowship to promote social entrepreneurship. Nabil SSE invites applications from innovative thinkers to achieve the goal of sustainable development by bringing about positive change in livelihood, capacity building, agriculture, education, healthcare, arts and community welfare, energy, etc. The program will run for six months. Fellows will receive three days of residential training with practical advice for their jobs each month.

In the initial cohort, 20 participants successfully obtained the Nabil SSE Certification. Participants received theoretical and practical knowledge about legal and tax issues, marketing, branding, and other concerns to be social entrepreneurs.

  • Are you convinced that your thinking can have a positive effect on society?
  • Would you like to turn your thinking into a social enterprise?
  • Do you believe in learning by doing?

If your answer is yes, then participate in Nabil SSE's Fellowship Program 2022. Take the initiative to turn your thinking into an investment.

If you fall within the minimum criteria mentioned below, you can apply for this fellowship program.

Age group

The applicant must be a Nepali citizen within the age group of 18 to 50 years.

Affiliation with Tribhuvan University

The applicant will have to submit his Tribhuvan Registration No. or any document proving his affiliation with any of the faculties of Tribhuvan University.

Medium of Training (Language)

The language of the training will be both English and Nepali. The applicant should have knowledge of both English and Nepali languages in relation to the work. However, language will not be a barrier.

Minimum Attendance

Trainees must commit to a minimum of 3 to 4 days of attendance each month during the 6-month period of the fellowship program. In addition, a minimum of 90% attendance is required to complete the training.

Transportation and Accommodation Expenses

All the transportation expenses incurred by the trainee to participate in the fellowship will have to be borne by the applicant himself. Accommodation and meals will be provided to the trainees participating in the fellowship.

Identification of Social Issues / Problems

The applicant must have identified the social problems and challenges he/she wants to solve. The applicant should also have a blueprint for resolving the identified problem.

Click here to apply for the School of Social Entrepreneurship (SSE) form.

Application form submission deadline: Bhadra 04, 2079 ( August 20, 2022) at 11:59 PM.

If your application qualifies in the review phase, you will be called for an interview, where you will have to present your ideas and solutions to the interview committee. Applicants selected from the interview will be called for training in the Fellowship Program.