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Myagdi's Early Academic Session Textbook Distribution

March 29, 2024
Myagdi's Early Academic Session Textbook Distribution

As the new academic session commences, textbooks have been distributed throughout the Myagdi district. However, due to geographical challenges, textbooks often fail to reach schools in remote villages on time. To tackle this issue, textbook vendors have taken steps to ensure availability.

The Nepal Books and Stationery Entrepreneurs Association in Myagdi has set up a government textbook sales center in the central area of Beni and is actively supplying textbooks to community schools. Narayan Sharma, the district president of the association, shared this information.

"We have procured the necessary government textbooks for students from grades 1 to 10 in the district, based on estimated student numbers," he stated. "In case of any shortfall, additional textbooks will be provided upon request from the respective schools. This year, textbooks will be in the hands of students by Baishakh 1."

Since 2072 B.S., book vendors in Myagdi have been collectively engaged in selling government school textbooks. This year, 28 entrepreneurs from the registered district have procured textbooks for nearly 16,500 students across grades 1 to 10, investing approximately one crore rupees.

Additionally, discussions have been held between book vendors and stakeholders concerning the availability of government textbooks in community schools in Beni on Thursday (Chaitra 15, 2080). Dal Bahadur Thapa, the head of the Education Development and Coordination Unit, emphasized the pivotal role of vendors in ensuring that students receive textbooks at the onset of the academic session.

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