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Minister Rai Acknowledges Non-Implementation of Teacher Agreement Due to Economic Constraints

February 09, 2024
Minister Rai Acknowledges Non-Implementation of Teacher Agreement Due to Economic Constraints

Education Minister Ashok Kumar Rai has acknowledged that the agreement with teachers could not be implemented due to the country's economic situation. Minister Rai addressed the 25th anniversary celebration of the commission, stating that although they have reached an agreement with teachers, implementing it is challenging due to financial issues. He mentioned, "We have reached an agreement with the teachers, but there is a need for practical implementation. The Ministry of Education has been criticized."

He expressed his admiration for teachers, acknowledging that political parties have negatively influenced them. He stated, "We are responsible for corrupting our teacher colleagues, and I take responsibility for it. The protests have happened, and it's a reality. Now everything cannot be resolved through protests; we need to focus on building."

In his address, he urged the commission to prepare a proposal to make it self-reliant, similar to the Public Service Commission. "When the identity of the commission is integrated into the Education Act, prepare a proposal to ensure autonomy," he said. "The ministry is ready to make laws to ensure autonomy, ensuring accountability."

Education State Minister Pramila Kumari highlighted the need to make the commission accountable, similar to the Public Service Commission, and emphasized the commission's responsibility for community school improvement. She stated that the commission lacks qualifications to issue licenses and does not possess knowledge of child psychology. "There is a license, but they don't go to study. Teachers must understand child psychology until education develops," she said. "I was also a secondary school teacher, teaching for 25 years. At that time, there was training. Now it's lacking. Training needs to be increased."

Commission Chair Madhuprasad Regmi urged not to doubt the work done by the commission. He explained that the commission has established standards for selecting qualified teachers.

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