Lumbini Buddha University works being taken from capital



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The Lumbini Buddha University is situated inside the holy Lumbini, but all works of the university are being undertaken in Kathmandu.

The major reason behind this situation is almost all officials of the university reside in the capital city.

The act of the university has clearly mentioned that the central office of the university must be situated at Lumbini and all works must be carried from there. However, officials have been discharging their duties from the Kathmandu based contact office and have been enjoying all facilities without going at Lumbini.

The university was established in 2061 BS near the birthplace of the Gautam Buddha and it started to impart education on Buddhism from the month of Magha 2070 BS.

Former Vice-Chancellor, Tri Ratna Manandhar completed his term in last Falgun without doing much of academic works. After about two months gap, Dr. Pitambar Lal Yadav, former registrar of the university, was appointed the Vice Chancellor in Baisakha 9 this year.

One official of the university accused the new VC Yadav had given more financial burden to the university. According to the official, earlir the university had been paying Rs. 12,000 for renting the contact office situated at the Bhrikutimandap. But now the contact office had been transferred to Sanepa and the university has now been paying Rs. 36,000 per month as house rent.

Vice-chancellor Yadav however stated that his office was compelled to transfer the contact office from Bhrikutimandap to Sanepa because the roof of Bhrikutimandap office was used to leak rainwater and office rooms were troubled by rats too.

In Lumbini, the government has provided building for the University. An administrative office has also been constructed there. The university can take about four more houses in rent with the budget it has been spending in hiring offices in the capital, an official accused.

Currently, a total of 44 students have enrolled to pursue courses on Buddhism. Similarly, at the central office of Lumbini, 18 employees are working in permanent and one temporary basis.