Locus 2018 highlights student innovations


Feb 6, 2018-The 15th iteration of the annual three-day educational tech fair, Locus 2018, has come to a close in the Capital. Organised by Locus, a non-profit organisation run by the students of the Pulchowk Engineering Campus, the fair saw several innovative hardware and software projects, along with the hosting of several technical competitions.

Hosted every year since 2003, this year’s Locus fair was held with the theme ‘Smart City with ICT’ and saw a variety of events such as Energy Hackathon, Tech Debates, Photography workshop, a Technical Math Olympiad, an art competition, Hack-a-week, Code Jam, and a talk show with motivational figures.

Keeping the theme of the fair in mind, the highlight of the fair proved to be various hardware and software innovations presented by the students using the concept of embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT), and automation. Projects such as David: Assistant Bot for home automation, Smart restaurant for better and efficient management of hotels and restaurants, smart library management system, smart parking systems, and smart garden systems were some of the creative projects in the show.

Along with the showcases, the fair also included two technological competitions: RoboWarz, where two self-made robots were pitted against each other in a sumo-like competition; and Dronacharya, where drone pilots tried to outdo each other by flying through a set of obstacles.

The fair saw the participation of students from 40 colleges in and around the Valley.

Source: The Kathmandu Post