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Lumbini Buddhist University and Kathmandu University Launch Innovative Undergraduate Program in Hospitality and Tourism

August 13, 2023
Lumbini Buddhist University and Kathmandu University Launch Innovative Undergraduate Program in Hospitality and Tourism

In a partnership to shape the future of the dynamic hospitality and tourism industry, Lumbini Buddhist University and Kathmandu University have joined forces to launch an undergraduate program.

This collaboration comes as a symphony to introduce an innovative curriculum in Hospitality and Tourism at the undergraduate level. The two universitties have set their sights on excellence, aiming to provide an unparalleled educational experience that will empower aspiring professionals in the realm of tourism.

Located in Butwal, Lumbini Buddhist University will be the venue for joint degree classes, creating a hub of knowledge and growth. The partnership is a testament to both universities' commitment to fostering an immersive learning environment, preparing students for success in a competitive global industry.

The announcement was unveiled during an event in Butwal, where the Minister of State for Education, Science, and Technology, Pramila Kumari, announced the joint degree program. She emphasized that the program's ultimate aim is to produce skilled manpower that will serve as a cornerstone in the field of tourism. The collaboration, she highlighted, harmoniously blends the realms of Buddhist education and the vibrant tourism industry.

Dr. Tilakram Acharya, Acting Vice-Chancellor of Lumbini Buddhist University, revealed that this transformative program was conceived through a partnership with Kathmandu University, aiming to nurture skilled professionals for the burgeoning tourism sector. The cooperation agreement, inked on June 21, quickly materialized into action within a month, showcasing the universities' shared commitment to progress.

Ujjwal Satyal, Chairman of the Subject Committee at Kathmandu University, underlined the urgent need for universities to contribute to producing skilled manpower, especially as vacancies in campuses become prevalent. This educational collaboration underscores academia's pivotal role in cultivating the future workforce.

This collaboration marks a transformative endeavor that will shape the future leaders of the tourism industry. With enthusiasm and determination, the journey of growth, knowledge, and boundless opportunities has officially begun.

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