Level and Positions of Health Cadres and their Salary in Nepal



The Public Service Commission (PSC), an independent constitutional body, is responsible for permanent recruitment of health cadres in Nepal. While the Ministry of Health and Population and its department has authority for temporary and daily wage recruitment. The MoHP manages officer level recruitment, while the Regional Health Directorate (RHD) manages below the officer level.

In the health sector, while the PSC recruits all level of health staff and the department, regional and district authorities of the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) are responsible for their deployment.

Rules and regulations regarding permanent, temporary and daily wage contracts are set out in the Civil Service Act 1993 and the Nepal Health Service Act 1997.

The Health Service Act 1997 defines recruitment of temporary posts of up to six months, with the consent of the PSC, and the Ministry of General Administration should be informed within seven days of the appointment. Article 8B of the Nepal Health Service Act 1997 restricts appointments regarding daily wage recruitment.

During recent budget speech for fiscal year 2073/74, Govt of Nepal hiked salary of different govt officials including those who are working in health sectors. So, the table shown below gives information regarding existing salary for Health Care professionals in Nepal (Effective from Sharwan, 2073).


Name of the positions


Basic level First

Not existing

NPR: 21,640

Basic level Second

Not existing

NPR: 21,248

Level 3rd

Village Ayurved Health Workers, Village Health Workers,

Maternal and Child Health Worker

NPR: 22,617

Level 4th

ANM, Baidhya (Ayurved), Microscopist Assistant, CMA,

Junior Medical Recorder Supervisor

NPR: 27,343

Level 5th Basic (Junior)

Staff Nurses, Dental Supervisor, Ayurved Assistant, Health

Education Technician, Microscopist, HA, Senior AHW,

Medical Recorder Supervisor Pharmacy Supervisor/ Quality

Control Supervisor Physiotherapy Assistant, Radiography

Supervisor, ECG Technician

NPR: 28,198

Officer Level 5th Senior

Senior Staff Nurses/Dental Supervisor/Ayurved

Assistant/Health Education Technician/Microscopist/Health

Assistant/AHW/Medical Recorder/Pharmacy Supervisor/

Quality Control Supervisor/Physiotherapy Assistant,

Radiography Supervisor/ECG Technician and others

NPR: 29,960

Officer Level Sixth

Staff Nurse Officer, Health Education Technician Officer, Lab

Technician Officer, Senior AHW Officer, Medical Recorder

Supervisor/ Inspector Pharmacy Supervisor Officer,

Physiotherapy Officer, Radiography Inspector, Radiotherapy

Officer, Medical Physician Inspector, ECG Technician Officer,

Dental Surgeon

NPR: 35,585

Officer Level 7th

Medical Officer, Sister, Dental Surgeon, Officer Kaviraj,

Homeopathy Medical Officer, Integrated Medical Officer

NPR: 37,440

Officer Level 8th

Medical Officer

NPR: 38,784

Officer Level 9th

Consultants, Forensic Medical Officer, Medical

Superintendent, Health Education Trainer Administrator,

Deputy Chief Medical Technologist, Public Health


NPR: 41,854

Officer Level 10th

DPHOs, Senior PH Administrators, Medical Superintendent,

Chief Medical Officers, Senior Consultants, Senior

Homeopathy Doctor, Senior Hospital Nursing Administrator,

Senior Community Nursing Administrator and others

NPR: 45,502

Officer Level 11th

Chief Consultant, Hospital Director, Chief Medical

Technologist, DGs of DoDA, DoA, Directors, Division Chiefs,

Regional Directors, KTM DPHO, Deputy DG and so on

NPR: 47,167

Officer Level 12th

Director General of DoHS, Chief PPICD, Secretary of MoHP

NPR: 54,848

Health care professional who are recruited ahead of 2057/04/01 get special grades (two grade) so their salary is slightly higher than the salary mentioned.